Taking my sim-racing experience to the next level

Last updated on: August 28th 2023


Thought it would be fun to make a few vids and share my experiences so far.

2016-04-17 ~ RaceRoom Racing Experience ~ Formula RaceRoom Junior

With a random grid of 24 Rookies, I struck gold, yes, fool's gold no less and got 21st slot outside the pit entrance! I had a lot of work to do ahead of me if I wanted to be holding a trophy!

I got off to a great start and I managed to pull a few places before the first few bends were rounded and then I slowly chipped away at the pack, taking my chances at Paddock Hill, Druids and occaisionally Graham Hill Bend with the odd bit of luck around the outside just after Surtees... lap after lap making my way past the slower drivers and hearing the squeals of the tyres as I went rubber to rubber with the opposition around many corners.

About a third of the way in to the race I managed to get to 3rd place, those little tweaks I had made in the garage were making all the difference and I pulled in to first place before half of the race was done.

I'd bumped up tyre wear and they had started to play up as I had been pushing hard, but I knew if I pitted, I'd be the only one to do so and etting back the places would be very difficult, so I persevered, trying to take it easy, but my adversaries were still right on my tail.

At about two thirds under my belt smugness took over and disaster struck and I understeered off the track at Clark into the grass and gravel letting 5 cars past. I remained in 6th place for quite a few laps until I had a sidewall clash and gained a place at Clark. I pushed on and got past another. I could smell the podium and there were only a couple of laps to go, I grabbed at 3rd place round Druids and kept it until the end of the lap and race.

I got a trophy, but lost out on the one I could have had if I had kept concentrating on the race. The race is not won until it's over!

I have to say that the recently released Formula 'Rookie' in the often under rated RaceRoom Racing Experience is the most fun I have had on my simulator since getting the Next Level Motion v2 and I look forward to many races in the near future. The force feedback is superb, the sounds are fantastic, probably the best out there and the AI at 100% are fun to race against and very fair.

2014-12-05 ~ I was accepted as part of the pre-alpha team for Race Room Racing Experience by SimBin Studios as it was then and to be quite frank, my life changed, my job changed and I just did not have the time to give to them in the end.

Now it's very different and I haven't really revisited the title since it has developed in to it's current state of late Beta stages that it lives in now, by Sector3 Studios.

So I thought let's give it a bash and bought a few of the 'experiences' packs during the Black Friday weekend sale.

You may have guessed by now that my favourite class is GT3, and so the ADAC GT Masters Experience pack was an obvious choice amongst a few others.

There are 7 models in the pack and in this video I am racing the AI in 3x 10 lap races (8 minutes+ each) and have chosen the US Muscle cars as my weapons of choice. I chose random grid but the game put me on the front row in each so had little competition from the outset.

I started with the Ford GT, which feels great. It's a little quirky to get used to but then quite easy to put the power down out of the apex. The Z06.R was next and boy this is a fun car with a happy rear axle that makes rubber shaped smiles on the tarmac with ease. I finished with the Camaro, it's a lot taller then the other 2 and I struggled to see anything apart from the other Camero's in the rear view mirror, but had some close races none the less.

I tried something new with the camera, I have hurt my back quite badly so had to race without the motion seat and didn't want the weight of the GoPro on my head and neck so mounted it behind me over my shoulder and chose the 'wide' aspect. It's produced a slightly distorted picture compared to the Narrow aspect, but I think it's OK overall. Let me know what you think?

RRRE is a massively underrated title with little promotion on many sites. IMHO it's right at the bottom end of the Sim category, but it's beyond an arcade racer at least on 'Feels Real' setting or what ever it is. The most important thing though, is it feels good and is loads of fun to drive these cars and I got lost in the atmosphere because the sound is awesome and the experience is just great, despite not having the motion seat giving me the prompts I am used to.

I think I'll give the Germaneering rockets a go next time and maybe the GTR to see what drive-by-wire feels like in comparison.